Wednesday 18 September 2019

Art is the Result of Human Actions

Back in 2014-2015 I wrote my master's thesis on the ontology of art and recently I found out that my former academy has gotten round to publishing it in their online library.
It contains quite a few grammatical errors and I probably would word some things differently today, but all in all I think quite a number of its ideas still hold up a few years later.

For those interested, the full text can be found here:

Edit on 12-3-2021: 
My alma mater has decided somewhere in the meantime that the full text can't be accessed without an account for their website, presumably requiring you to either study or teach there. So I apologise for that inconvenience.
Funny thing is, I cited this thesis in another text and I was told by an editor I didn't need to mention the date whereon I consulted that webpage, since it was a 'stable link'. 
Academia has a lot to learn about the internet.

Edit on 10-11-2022:
Somehow they changed their site again and I'm happy to report that it's once again freely available to anyone interested.