Sunday 31 December 2023

Heel erg filosofisch werk

However you might feel about it, this is a simple show:

It has a front and a back, and everything you need to know about this exhibition can be found in how those two things relate to each other.

With the following three works, one can also make a simple show:

It's clear that these works are connected by a coloured rectangular element and a white, rounded, rectangular element. Each of them are also mounted on the wall at a slight angle. It then becomes an interesting search where these works deviate from this basic 'rule'.

Yet by showing these two groups at the same time, one can make an multifaceted exhibition that doesn't have any clear singular resolution:

At the surface these two groups of work appear to be very similar. They are both painted wooden objects of a similar size, in almost, but not quite, geometrical shapes.
Yet beyond that first impression, they share very few similarities. The crux of each of these works lies within their individual peculiarities, of which there is little to no overlap.
So when looking at these works altogether, there is a disconnect that you try to resolve by searching for more characteristics of these works that might tie them together. While you'll find more things that could unite them, you also encounter more individual traits that separate them. Together these two groups thus become an unsolvable problem of universals. Even if it was possible to do so seperately, once these two groups are put together, no combination of individual members is able to define the larger set.