Thursday, 8 October 2020

Some Simple Facts

In 2018 Paula van den Bosch became chairwoman of the jury for the Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst. This is a five year appointment that was to last until 2022.

In 2018 and 2019 Marc Mulders was a jury member for the Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst.

In 2019 I attended the inauguration of the exhibition for the the Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst. During this inauguration Paula van den Bosch gave a speech. In her speech she announced that Marc Mulders would not be a jury member in the future and thanked him for his efforts in the previous years.

In 2020 the jury members of the Koninklijke Prijs voor Schilderkunst were announced. Paula van den Bosch, who was supposed to be chairwoman until 2022, was not featured on this list. Gijs Frieling, who has been a jury member since 2015, was made chairman and Marc Mulders was again a member of the jury.

No official statement has been made about the reasons for these unexpected changes in composition of the jury.

While there are of course numerous possible explanations for how these facts relate to each other and I do not wish to impose any of these explanations upon the reader, I do feel that the public knowledge of these simple facts should be slightly more publicly known.
Update on January 12, 2021:
Today the jury members have been announced for the 2021 edition of the prize. 
Paula van den Bosch is chairwoman of this jury,  Gijs Frieling is not a member and all other members are the same as in 2020, including Marc Mulders.
Again, no official statement has been made about the changes made in the composition of the jury.